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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Staff augmentation is when you add personnel to your team, usually in IT or engineering, to assist produce new products, maintain existing ones, or service the firm. Your management team supervises them like any other employee, even if they're off-site.

These employee benefits:

1. Quality control

In a classic outsourcing strategy, you may have minimal control over project team members and their work until the final product is delivered.

A project may demand expertise not used elsewhere in the firm. Staff augmentation lets you find the right person without making a long-term commitment.

This staffing strategy puts the finest individuals in a room (virtual or otherwise) to solve challenges on time and on budget. This produces optimised, competitive goods.

2. Typical outsourcing is opaque and unreliable.

You may not like the contractor's project management approach.

How do they handle internal workflows? What development frameworks are they using?

Contracts may only guarantee a final product. This doesn't encourage trust that the product will be bug-free.

Staff augmentation lets you communicate and control distant team members. They can connect with your in-house personnel, allowing you to shift jobs and alter direction quickly.

Our Augmentation Guide explains how global companies benefit from workforce augmentation.

3. No time-zone issues

Like real estate, IT team location is important. Typical outsourcing locations are outside U.S. time zones (India is 10.5 hours ahead of the East Coast). Temporal remoteness may cause production delays, rewrites, and poor quality.

Many North American CEOs were surprised to learn that Ecuador and Colombia had vibrant clusters of developers and engineers. "Silicon Vallecitos" are only a four-hour flight from Miami, Houston, and Atlanta.

4. Easy hiring

A staff augmentation organisation recruits, trains, and verifies workers to help bring your product to market. These individuals are full-time, devoted members of your team. If you need more, they're simpler to hire than in-house employees.

Augmentation also solves overstaffing. After a project is over, you may not require the same skill, requiring you to lay off talented workers. Staff augmentation lets you boost your team per-project.